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Coping with Travel Uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our world into chaos; even more than usual, uncertainty seems to be the pervading emotion. The feeling of uncertainty can be especially pronounced for those who are venturing far from the comfortable rhythms of home. Indeed, many of our study abroad students and overseas interns have expressed some anxiety, a heightened fear of the unknown.

The first thing we wish to note is that ALZEA INDIA has been in direct contact with all our students, and helped many return home safely. The physical wellbeing of our students is the top priority for us, and we’ve done everything we can to arrange the best options for those who were abroad when COVID-19 hit. Many are now back with their families, and those who remain abroad are being properly cared for.

Also note that, even before the coronavirus outbreak, it was pretty normal to feel a little apprehensive about traveling to a new place. Is there anything that can be done to mediate these feelings? We’ve put together a few tips.

How to Deal with Travel Uncertainty

  • Target your triggers. There may be specific aspects of travel that are causing you fright; for example, maybe your big concern is simply navigating a busy airport. If you can identify your trigger, you may be able to be more proactive in addressing it. Also note that many triggers may be external stimulants; maybe something like caffeine or low blood sugar causes you to spiral in anxiety. Again, identifying the trigger is the first step toward solving it.
  • Plan for emergencies. You can also help alleviate some fear by planning for worst-case scenarios. What happens if you run out of money? Make sure you have a friend who can wire you some funds. What happens if your phone battery dies and you’re lost somewhere? Bring along a paper map (and an extra phone charger). Be over-prepared as a way of curbing your worries.
  • Make sure everything is accounted for at home. Do you have someone to pet-sit for you? Do you have someone who will water the plants and retrieve your mail? Have you made to-do lists for these helpers? Have you checked them twice? Again, over-preparation can soothe your nerves.
  • Bring an activity. One of the quickest ways to feel anxious is to let your mind wander for too long. Bring an activity for the plane and for your down-time, whether that’s a book, puzzle, craft, knitting, or something else. Give yourself something to do other than worry.
  • Learn some relaxation techniques. Or better yet, download a yoga or guided meditation app that can help you generate some positive vibes.

With ALZEA India, You’re in Good Hands

One more thing that might help: Have your travel arrangements handled by a team of experts. ALZEA India is here to assist students with every detail. Reach out to us to learn more about international internships and study abroad trips.