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How to Pack for an Internship Abroad

One of the most intimidating aspects of an international internship happens before you even board your plane. It’s packing, ensuring you have everything you need for a few weeks in a foreign country, but without packing so much that you feel bogged down.

That empty suitcase in your bedroom can almost seem like its taunting you, but there’s really no reason to fret. We’ve put together a list of packing tips to ensure you have just what you need as you head out for your international internship experience.

Can’t You Just Pack Like Normal?

Before we get into the specifics, you might be wondering: Can’t you just pack like you normally would, say for a vacation or a holiday with your family?

While there may be some overlap between an internship packing list and a more general packing list, it’s important to remember why you’re travelling. This isn’t just a trip to the beach, and therefore it isn’t enough to toss a swimsuit and flip flops into your bag. On the contrary, it’s important to think about all the items you’ll need to ensure success as you work or study abroad.

There are a few variables that may impact what you decide to pack; for example:

●      What is the nature of your internship position? Will it require you to have formal or business attire? Will you spend a lot of time outside in extreme weather? Will you be on your feet all day, and in need of comfortable shoes? Get as much detail about the internship as possible before you pack.

●      What about the host country? Will social customs dictate that you have formal attire at any point?

●      And, what about the climate? Make sure you have clothing that is appropriate for both the place and the season.

Interning Abroad: Our Packing List

With those preliminary considerations out of the way, here are some specific packing tips to consider as you get ready for an internship abroad.

●      Luggage. We recommend a large suitcase or duffel that you can park in your hotel or residence, but you may also wish to bring a smaller carry-on size bag for any day trips or weekend excursions you plan.

●      Clothing. Remember to dress for success! Make sure you pack the right attire to thrive in your internship position, which means clothing that’s professional and functional. Also pack clothing that you’ll be comfortable in as you explore the area, off-duty.

●      Outerwear. Depending on the place and the season, you may want to bring a heavy coat and/or a light jacket, as well as a hat and scarf. And you should definitely bring some rain gear, no matter where you’re headed.

●      Toiletries. You probably don’t need to bring huge bottles of lotion or shampoo; generally speaking, travel-size bottles are fine.

●      Medication. Filling prescriptions in a foreign country can be dicey, so it’s always wise to bring full amounts of any medications you take (and maybe a little extra, if possible).

●      Electronics. When it comes to devices, we recommend being reasonably minimal; usually, a phone and laptop will be fine. However, you’ll want to double check that you have the right chargers, outlet adapters, and SIM/data cards if needed. Extra batteries may also be smart investments.

●      Documents. We would also recommend getting a travel wallet in which you can keep key documents, such as visas and passports.

That about covers the basics, and we’d recommend not packing too much beyond what we’ve listed here. If you have any additional questions about getting ready for an international internship, we welcome you to contact ALZEA India at your next opportunity.